Are you a parent or caregiver struggling with—

  • Feeding your family real food
  • Stuck in a frozen meal rut
  • Cooking: don’t enjoy cooking, don’t know what to cook, how do you cook?!
  • The fad diets and nutrition propaganda, what is even healthy food these days?
  • Picky eaters, mealtime battles and tears, constant snacking
  • Being a short order cook
  • Child behavioral problems
  • What to feed your kids (and yourself)
  • Weight, digestive issues, cravings, brain fog

Look no further, Sloane (Simon Says Real Food) and Christine (Nourish The Littles) have teamed up and created a one-of-a-kind course for parents and caregivers that tackles all of these common concerns. Over five weeks, Real Food + Real Families will guide parents who want to learn how to feed their families, create peaceful mealtimes, and implement lasting, realistic, real food changes in their home. 

This course is meticulously designed by two nutritionist moms who know what it takes to feed a family real, whole foods day in and day out. Using their combined expertise in holistic nutrition and education, Sloane and Christine equip parents with the knowledge to take on the rewarding challenge of feeding their families. Participants will gain valuable insight on which real foods are the most nourishing and how to create positive mealtime and health changes that will last a lifetime. 

Course Details

Five Modules – Through 5 weeks of lessons, participants will learn about real food nutrition and how to successfully incorporate it into their family’s diet in a manageable and realistic way. 

Bioindividual – Each family unit is unique with bio-individual needs. Course participants will benefit from weekly office hours with either Sloane or Christine to ask personalized questions and get one-on-one support. 

Weekly Video Calls –Held once a week to give caregivers live support, cover the module content, and troubleshoot. Calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal for easy lifetime access! Watch them at your own pace or join in on the live calls, whatever works best for each individual caregiver’s schedule and learning style. 

Resources – Each week participants will receive helpful and information-packed documents and resources relative to the content covered in that week’s module. Example resources include: Ingredient Label Guide, Smart Snacking Document, Seasonal Produce Guide, etc. These are meant to be used and referenced regularly during and after the course. They are yours to keep! 

Weekly Meal Plans – Yes! 5 weekly meal plans including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal plan comes with recipes, prepping instructions, and grocery lists. 

Course Content

Module 1: Basics of Nutrition:

A lesson on macronutrients and micronutrients—what they are and why they are important when choosing what to eat.  

Module 2: Stocking Your Pantry and Fridge

A lesson on reading ingredient labels: how to read the ingredients in packaged foods, what certain ingredients mean and how they affect the body. As well as recommended products to keep in your pantry and fridge to ease the transition to your health journey. 

Module 3: Tackling Picky Eating, Snacks, and Food Ruts

Everything you wanted to know about picky eating, snacking constantly, and managing mealtime battles all through the respectful parenting lens. 

Module 4: Eliminating Processed Foods

Practical steps for how to eliminate processed foods from your daily routine. 

Module 5: Incorporating Nutrient Dense Foods

A lesson on what are nutrient dense foods, why they are important for growing children, and how to incorporate them on a daily basis. 

Course dates – February 24th -March 24th

Cost – $297

Imagine If…

…you felt clear and confident about how to nourish your family, and you made a permanent, realistic lifestyle change

…mealtimes were no longer a battle, your short order cook days came to an end, and everyone ate the same meal 

…your kids came hungry to mealtimes and ate what was offered 

…you had nutritious and simple meals, that could realistically be implemented on busy weeknights

…your fridge and pantry were stocked with real, nourishing foods

…you had weekly meal plans with delicious recipes and pre-made grocery lists. Goodbye dinner ruts! 

…you saw an improvement in behavior, health, sleep, and mood for the whole family 

Are you ready to make lasting, beneficial, real food improvements for you and your family?

Real Food + Real Families course enrollment is open now! Get started on improving the health of your family! 


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My husband and I took part in this class together. It was really helpful to go through this process together to get more on the same page about how we will feed our kids (and ourselves). The background and theory portions really helped to catch my husband up as I have been on this journey longer than he has. We also left with tangible steps forward and goals for the future in terms of increasing the nutrient density of the foods we eat. I highly recommend this course!
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I jumped on the chance to take the Real Food + Real Families course and I'm so glad that I did. I have been meaning to look into many of the topics covered but just haven't had the time or energy. Having all the resources compiled for me AND having two knowledgeable nutritionist moms help implement the changes with my own family/kids was fantastic. Our whole family is eating better, feeling better physically/mentally, and thinking about food and nutrition in a brand new way.